5 Reasons You Can’t Afford Not to Have Funeral Cover

We’re all going to pass on. That’s a fact of life. Although we might not know when our time will come, preparing for our own eventual death is a responsibility that we owe to our loved ones. In uncertain times, having things in place such as a funeral plan is crucial. Here are our top five reasons why you can’t afford to not have a funeral cover.


  1. Not having a funeral cover will add more stress to your loved ones in their time of grief

If you don’t have a good quality funeral cover, planning your funeral will put even more stress on your loved ones while they are trying to cope with the shock of your passing, especially if your death is sudden or unexpected. They may not have the resources to pay for it or they may not even know how to go about planning a funeral. Mosaic Funeral Group will be there to guide your family in the planning process, taking the weight off their shoulders and helping them on their journey of healing.


  1. Not having a funeral cover can delay the funeral – and the grieving process

Your funeral will be the first step in your family’s grieving process. Not having a funeral cover can delay the process due to lack of funds, waiting for loans to be approved or for other reasons. If you have a policy with Mosaic Funeral Group, the funds are paid out quickly and easily so that the funeral can happen timeously and when your family chooses. They will have the means to give you the dignified service that they feel you deserve so that they can begin to heal.


  1. Not having a funeral cover could land your family in debt

We live in an unstable economy and getting into debt these days is a very bad idea. Debt can have lasting repercussions and can end up getting you blacklisted if you are unable to pay, which affects your credit record and can lead to other consequences. If you die and do not have a funeral cover, your family may need to take out a loan to pay for your funeral. Mosaic Funeral Group has a range of options to suit every need and every budget, so that your family will have the money to pay for your funeral on hand and not have to go into debt for it.


  1. Not having a funeral cover means you may not get the funeral you deserve

Although imagining what your funeral may be like is not something many people think about, we would all like to have a dignified send-off into the afterlife, a proper celebration of our lives, our accomplishments and our achievements. When you pass away without a funeral cover, your family may not have the choice of giving you a proper funeral, which can also add to their feelings of sadness and guilt. With the many options for cover that Mosaic Funeral Group offers, your family will be able to give you the funeral you hoped for.


  1. Not having a funeral cover means you won’t have peace of mind

It happens every day, you hear of someone you know that passed away suddenly or tragically. Life is too short to worry. While you are still here and still able to, live your life to the fullest and live out your dreams every day. But no one can focus on the good things in life when there are nagging worries at the back of your mind, such as how your family will pay for your funeral after you are gone. Contact Mosaic Funeral Group today for affordable peace of mind. Do it for yourself today and your family tomorrow.

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