Funeral Services


We offer burial services that will help you to say goodbye to a loved one in a way that honours their wishes.


We strive to deliver the most respectful, professional and innovative service to people of any religion, culture or tradition.


Exhumations, Repatriations and a variaty of other services.

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Burial Services

Mosaic Funeral Group offers burial services that will help you to say goodbye to a loved one in a way that honours their wishes. Viewing of the loved one can take place prior to the burial or cremation or on the day, depending on the religion or tradition of the loved one and the facility where the service takes place.

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There are no set rules with cremations and it offers more choices than a traditional burial. It can be a simple “direct” or private cremation without anyone present or it could be elaborate with the coffin present at the church service. The cremation service can be arranged to include traditions such as a private viewing, a wake and a memorial service before or after the cremation.

After the cremation takes place, the remains of the loved one will be given to the family in an ash box or urn. Utmost care is taken during the cremation process. Strict laws are in place to ensure the family will only get the remains of their loved one. We will take care of all the arrangements on your behalf and help put into place everything you would like to have, even special requests such as the interment, scattering or burial of the remains in a niche, grave or special place of significance.


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Transportation, Repatriation and Exhumations

Our trained staff members will assist you with all your requirements. Whether you want a loved ones remains to be transported or relocated.

Contact one of our consultants now to guide you through the funeral planning process or explain the benefits of funeral cover.

Our Ethos

All of the funeral services provided by the Mosaic Funeral Group are carried out with the ethos of putting the pieces together.

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