A Death Away From Home

When we go on holiday or travel for a business meeting, the assumption is always that you will return. But what if you don’t? Or what if someone you’re with, such as a family member, doesn’t? Coping with death is always difficult but when it happens away from home, everything feels magnified and it may feel like there is more to deal with but there isn’t – not when Mosaic Funeral Group steps in to assist.


Mosaic Funeral Group guarantees the transportation of the remains of a loved one to their final resting place. No matter how far away you are, your first step should be to call Mosaic and we will take over from there. We have a global network in place to ensure that we can return the body of your loved one back to the country, or back to their home town from within South Africa. We have built relationships with providers around the world to make sure that our services (and our price) remain steadfastly unbeaten.


We have direct access to both national and international flights so that we can arrange to have your loved one’s remains back home as quickly, smoothly and easily as possible. We will take care of all the legal documentation that is required by law, as well as the funeral arrangements when the body arrives at the final place of rest. We will take care of the necessary logistics such as getting the death certificate and embalming the body, a requirement for any mortal remains to cross international borders.


Mosaic Funeral Group also offers global repatriation. If you have sadly lost a loved one and you would prefer for their final resting place to be in another town or city or even somewhere abroad, contact us to find out more information. Our specialized team can arrange transportation to any destination, we will deal with the legalities and paperwork for you and we will assist with embalming process if needed so that the bodily remains or ashes of your loved one can truly rest in peace.


Death is never easy, no matter where you are. Mosaic Funeral Group’s main goal is to make the process of death a bit easier so that you can begin the journey of grief and mourning without having to worry about the logistics of it all. Contact us today for more information about our funeral plans, repatriation services and more.

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