Affordable Cover is Easier than You Think!

A good funeral cover policy is not optional, it’s necessary. If the worst happens and someone you love passes away, you have to respect their wishes. Don’t let your family put themselves into debt by giving you a funeral. Funeral cover today is more affordable than you think and easier than you think too!



Mosaic Funeral Group has all the information you need on all the funeral cover options we offer here on our website. The amount of cover provided and the monthly cost for singles and families is given on one page, making it simple and easy for you to make a decision. Once you have considered your budget and chosen a plan, click on the apply button and we’ll direct you where to go and what you need. Signing up is really simple and the peace of mind that it will offer is more than worth the few minutes it takes.



Choosing the right kind of cover is equally important. Remember that there is a difference between ‘affordable’ and ‘cheap’. Don’t choose a policy just because it’s the cheapest one you can find without considering the benefits of the cover and exactly what you are covered for. Luckily, all of Mosaic Funeral Group’s cover options have been carefully tailored to meet every need and every budget.



During this time of grief, worrying about paying for your funeral should not be something your loved ones should have added to their plate. Mosaic Funeral Group’s claims process is quick and easy, ensuring that your family has the cash to pay for your funeral when they need it. Prepare now and know that when you have passed, your family will be in good hands. They will know how much you care about them because you took the time to make sure they are taken care of when you are no longer here.


Some people view funeral cover as unnecessary or frivolous, others think they are saving money by not having it. Whatever the reason, funeral cover is vital. Death is nothing but an eventuality and you need to be prepared for it. It’s not ‘if’, it’s ‘when’. Contact Mosaic Funeral Group today for complete peace of mind.

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