How to choose the right funeral cover and provider.

Why is it important to have a funeral cover and what are the deciding factors when choosing a funeral policy?
We cannot predict when death will occur, but it will happen and it often catches you off guard. One must make provision for funeral cover because even a basic funeral is expensive. In South Africa, the average funeral cost for a basic funeral can amount to anything between R15000 and R25000. These figures refer to a basic funeral that only includes a standard coffin, flowers and standard pamphlets or programmes. According to a report released by Sanlam in 2018, funerals can cost up to R50000 for middle-income families. It is therefore imperative to make provision for funeral cover that can absorb these costs.
There are many intricacies regarding funeral cover. It is thus vital to choose a funeral provider that will take some time to explain their service offering and all the pitfalls to avoid. Many people have a funeral cover but often it is not suited to their needs. Overall benefits and the reliability of the service provider should also be considered. Mosaic Funeral Group’s affordable offering includes Diamond and Ruby Individual Cover as well as Emerald and Sapphire Funeral Cover. Our premiums start as low as R65 per month and all the products include guaranteed cash backs.
Do your homework before deciding on a funeral policy and parlour. Insist on seeing the certificates of compliance and other relevant documentation – you don’t want to risk joining a fly-by-night institution. It will give you peace of mind if you enlist a reputable funeral director or funeral parlour. Choose one that makes you feel comfortable, respects your wishes and adhere to an ethical standard. You can and should do some research by attending some of the services and contacting some references. See for yourself the standard of service that is upheld.

Our main duty is to take on most of the burden of planning a funeral by following your wishes as closely as possible. We give the family some time to come to terms with their loss, process the events and focus on their healing. We are literally with the family from the incidence of death to the funeral itself. We are your pillar of strength and will be by your side to assist and support you and your loved ones through the most difficult times.