It’s Never Too Late to Get Covered

Living to see old age is a blessing: you get to see your children grow up, you get to play with your grandchildren and if you’re even luckier, you’ll have the time to enjoy your great-grandchildren too. Unfortunately, old age has its drawbacks. You might find it more difficult to get a new medical aid or financial assistance. However, finding a funeral policy on a pension might be easier than you think.


Retiring from their working life and going on pension often mean that the elderly have to live more frugally and make the money they have last until the end of their life. This can mean that by the time of their death, they don’t have enough money left to pay for the kind of funeral their family wants to give them. Families want to give elderly members the dignified and celebrated funeral that they deserve but most individuals don’t want the family to have to bear the cost of this burden.


Having a good quality funeral cover as a pensioner will help the children of the insured bear the brunt of the funeral expenses. A good cover will help the children avoid going into debt or compromising their financial health to pay for the funeral. What’s more, it will protect their inheritance by ensuring that the potentially high ceremony costs don’t draw from the inheritance you intended for them.


Funeral cover is especially important for retired couples. Losing a spouse is a difficult thing to prepare for. Both partners in the marriage will benefit from the peace of mind of knowing that the person left behind will be financially supported and is not left to deal with unexpected and costly funeral expenses. For the spouse that has been left behind, knowing that they can give the deceased a dignified funeral and celebrate their life the way they would have wanted it, can bring a lot of comfort at this difficult time.


Are you retired and don’t have a funeral policy in place? When it comes to plans for pensioners, Mosaic Funeral Group has an option that is sure to work for you. Their tailor-made Emerald Plan is for the pensioners who are starting their funeral cover between 65 and 74. If you are over this age, your family can get covered through Mosaic Funeral Group and they can include you on their cover at affordable rates.


Just because you’re retired and not earning a regular income, it does not mean that options like a good funeral cover are closed to you. Whether it’s for your partner, parent or in-law, you can all have the peace of mind of knowing your family won’t have to bear the costs of your funeral. Now that that’s taken care, nothing is stopping you from enjoying your retirement!

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