Mosaic Funeral Group Communication to Clients in Response to the Coronavirus

Mosaic Funeral Group is closely monitoring developments around the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), and our priority remains the safety of our employees and our clients. Importantly, our team remains dedicated to ensuring we deliver on our commitments to our clients amid these challenging times and continue putting the pieces back together.

We are taking our response to the developing coronavirus seriously. Ensuring that all Mosaic Funeral Group branches are operationally resilient is of paramount importance to our clients and organization. As the number of coronavirus cases continues to climb, we are taking steps to ensure that we are able to keep providing funeral services with minimal delays.

All Mosaic Funeral Group branches are open for the time being and we are taking all possible precautions to ensure the highest levels of safety and hygiene for all of our clients. At this time, we would like to make you aware of some actions that are required in line with governmental guidelines and restrictions that have been effected as of 16 March 2020.


Gatherings of 100+ People


  • As communicated in President Cyril Ramaphosa’s address on 15th March, all gatherings of 100 people or more are prohibited until further notice.
  • We understand that this will affect the attendance of mourners at services.
  • Our teams will be in contact to ascertain whether groups for services can be reduced to the required size as mandated by government.
  • We understand the emotional magnitude of what we are asking during this unforeseen crisis and will still strive to accommodate those who wish to pay their respected to a deceased loved one.
  • We do ask that if you, or anyone planning to attend a service, has symptoms consistent with COVID-19, have household members with such symptoms, or who have had known contact with an individual that has been exposed to the virus, to refrain from attending any funeral services.


International Repatriation


  • Every case will be evaluated individually and after consultation with all role players involved a decision will be made.

As your trusted funeral services and funeral cover partner, we are taking every necessary step to continue to provide the high-quality and compassionate service you have come to associate with Mosaic Funeral Group, while safeguarding the health and wellbeing of our employees and our clients.

If you have any further questions, you are welcome to contact Johan du Plessis, Operational Manager at or phone our 24-hour Hotline on 086 000 0556 or send us a Whatsapp message on 082 305 7649.


Thank You,

Mosaic Funeral Group