Mosaic Funeral Group Equipped for Safe Removal of Remains in COVID Deaths

Mosaic Funeral Group has assured the South African public that their nationwide branches are equipped and prepared to handle the removal and storage of human remains in cases of deaths related to COVID-19, while stressing that the choice of funeral provider remains the family’s prerogative.

Moasic Funeral Group spokesperson, Ronnie Collins, today announced that all business units within the group are fully prepared to assist with the collection, transportation and safe storage of human remains in the case that a loved one has passed away as a result of Coronavirus infection.

“Mosaic Funeral Group has been approved by the DoH representatives to perform this service. Our teams have been trained on the latest and most stringent hygiene and prevention protocols. This process would be done with the same level of care and compassion as we have always provided,” says Collins.

Mosaic Funeral Group facilities have been inspected by the DoH in all provinces and received approval to assist the families of those who have passed away as a result of Coronavirus infection. “Mortuary staff have also been trained by the DoH on COVID-19 and the related protocols for the handling of remains. This training included all aspects of hygiene and prevention such as the safe handling and transportation of the deceased, the donning and doffing of personal protective equipment and the disinfection of contaminated sites.”

“It should also be noted that no matter what facility your loved one may have passed away at, the choice of funeral provider and who handles the remains, is that of the family,” Collins emphasized.

The Mosaic Funeral Group national 24-hour hotline is available for queries: 086 000 0556.