Putting the Pieces of Your Holiday Together

There are many holiday planning guides out there. They help you to book your accommodations, travel itineraries, holiday activities, the works. However, there are aspects of going on holiday that most people (and planning guides) don’t consider. We took some time out to turn our extensive experience into advice for being prepared this holiday season.


Unexpected emergencies can be hard enough to handle but if you’re far from home or in a foreign country, it can leave you stressed out, anxious and overwhelmed. While there are some things that you have no control over, like accidents or natural disasters, there are a few things that you can do to make dealing with these difficult situations a bit easier.


Our experts from Mosaic Funeral Group branches and departments have compiled the ultimate holiday prep guide taking you through everything you can do to prevent being stuck in an emergency situation with no way out – and to help make sure that the pieces of your holiday fit together perfectly.


Keep in Touch

Make sure that a few close people have a detailed copy of your travel plans and have your itinerary. Arrange a few key points or times during your holiday, such as leaving or arriving at a new destination, to check-in with friends and family to let them know that you are fine.


It’s in the Mail

Before you leave, send an email to yourself with all your important information such as any pertinent user names and passwords, pin numbers, ID numbers, passport information, etc., and attach copies of your ID and passport, details of your accommodation and anything else that you could need. This way, you can access the information from anywhere if something gets lost.


Just Copy It

Only carry copies of your passport and ID with you and leave the originals locked in the hotel safe. If your bag gets lost or stolen, losing a copy of your passport won’t leave you stranded.


Split ‘em

Don’t make the typical tourist mistake of keeping all your debit and credit cards in one place. Split them up and for example, keep one with you in your wallet, one in your toiletry bag, one in your checked luggage and one in your carry on.


An Updated Will

Make sure that your last will is up to date and if any information needs to be updated or changed, do it before you leave. It’s not something that anyone wants to think about but tragedy can strike when you least expect it and it’s definitely better to be prepared.


Pay Your Policies

While you’re updating your will, make sure that all your other policies are up to date and paid up to date. This includes your home, car and life insurance, travel insurance, funeral policies, etc. This will give you the peace of mind of knowing that if something tragic were to happen, you would still be covered for everything you should be. Call Mosaic Funeral Group for more information or advice on 0860 000 556 or visit their website at mosaicfunerals.co.za.


Who’s Your Embassy?

If you’re travelling abroad, it’s a good idea to get the contact details of your embassy in that country, as well as numbers for local police and medical services. Time can be saved in an emergency situation by having those kinds of details beforehand without wasting valuable minutes looking them up.


Same Goes For Tourists

If you’re a tourist visiting our beautiful country, make sure you know who to call here in an emergency. Keep contact numbers of local police and ambulance services, your hotel, your emergency contact and the details of your country’s embassy with you at all times.


Keep Your Eyes on the Road

Road trips are a definite favorite holiday activity, they give you the freedom of going where you want, when you want and you can take as many stops as you want along the way. While we are always careful and take precautions to ensure our safety while driving, unfortunately not everyone thinks the same. Many factors can affect driver safety on the roads, including fatigue, frustration, road rage, alcohol, etc., which makes it important that we keep our eyes open, not only for ourselves, but for everyone else on the roads too. Being vigilant and alert can save lives.


Who to Call

Whether you’re a tourist or you’re touring, make sure you know who to contact if a situation arises. Contact details for some emergency services in South Africa are:

Emergency (National): 10111

Emergency (Cellphone): 112

ER24: 082 124

Netcare: 082 911

Mosaic Funeral Group: 0860 000 556

RFS Repatriation: 082 416 1680

DAN (International Diving Emergencies): 082 810 6010