Putting the Pieces Together During Lockdown

Mosaic Funeral Group will fully comply with the restrictions and requirements that have been placed on the funeral industry under the 21 Day Lockdown. The implementing of a lockdown and the regulations that we need to follow may make it a very difficult time that is much more challenging for bereaved family members and friends but please rest assured that Mosaic Funeral Group remains committed to helping you put the pieces together.

Guidelines on funeral services during the lockdown, as communicated by the South African Government are as follows:

  • A death certificate issued by the Department of Home Affairs is still required before any cremation can be done. We will advise our clients on a case by case basis as to whether this will be temporarily waivered.
  • Under the provisions of the Lockdown, transport between metropolitan and district regions is prohibited. This will severely limit the ability of crematoriums to collect deceased and will affect the operations of crematoriums in eMalahleni who conduct most of the cremations for Gauteng based funeral homes.
  • “For the period of Lockdown attendance at a funeral is limited to 50 people and will for purposes of these Regulations not be regarded as a prohibited gathering; Provided that no night vigil shall be held and that all safety measures are strictly adhered to.”
  • No funeral services will be allowed to take place inside churches, school halls or tents.
  • If family vehicles are provided, only 50% of licensed, allowable passengers may be transported and must conform to hygienic procedures, as stipulated in clause 11c of latest Lockdown correspondence.
  • In the city of Ekurhuleni, cemeteries have limited their burial times to between 08:00 and 13:00 and limited the number of people attending a burial to a maximum of 20, with a maximum service duration of 30min.

We understand those who are currently bearing the burden of grief are seeing this crisis through a different lens and we would like to assure you that Mosaic Funeral Group will be doing everything possible to ensure that you are able to give your loved ones a proper farewell within the restrictions listed above. Our team will ensure compliance and the arrangement of a wonderful service so that you do not have to try and navigate these procedures – as always, we are here to put the pieces back together.

We will provide updates to the processes and requirements for funeral services as and when Government makes more information available or any changes to the abovementioned regulations.


Thank You,

Mosaic Funeral Group